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Your choice of digitally sealed engineering or hard copy. Any package below $499.00! (subject to change)

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Screen Room on Wood Deck

A screen room with a solid aluminum roof on top of a wood deck in isolated concrete footings or on top of new or existing slab



A carport is an aluminum roof with aluminum posts to park your car, boat or RV underneath. 


Mobile Home Roof-Overs

Is a 3in aluminum insulated roof system that is attached to your existing mobile home.


Pool Enclosures

A Screen Room with a screen roof over a pool


Screen Rooms

A screen room can be screen walls under existing screen roof or with solid aluminum roof insulated or non insulated or screen roof on top of a concrete slab and or footing.


Sun Rooms

An aluminum structure with Soft Plastic, Acrylic or Glass windows or doors with a solid roof

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Managing Expectations

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Virtual Consultation

Construction Plan

Sealed Engineering

Modify Your Survey

Building Department Coaching

Construction Guidance

DIY Manual 

Estimated Project Cost

Material Purchasing Assistance 

Support Start to Finish




Building Department Fees For Permit

Uploading or Dropping off Permit Package to Building Departments


Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our services.  

Allow 2-4 weeks to receive your permit package via email or hard copy ( some building departments are still requiring paper).   

The Florida Building Code is ever changing sometimes the counties require additional paperwork, additional explanation etc. 

Be patient in the process if you get a email after submitting,  forward it to us and we will advise further at no charge should the need arise where an engineers letter or additional engineering, detail etc. is required an additional fee will be invoiced to satisfy the counties various department heads.  

Cost will be disclosed once the problem is presented. 

Provide a survey 

Provide jobsite photos with a simple one line drawing of what you would like to discuss

If a survey is not available we will draft a “site plan” based on public record for an additional $75.00  

But in rare instances you may need to hire a surveyor at your own expense .